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SOF Introduction Online Workshop - AU

July 28th 2024, 10am Jerusalem time / 5pm Melbourne time

  • Starts 28 Jul
  • 37 דולר אמריקאי
  • zoom meeting


Between You and Me From intrapersonal to interpersonal with Social Oriented Focusing July 28th 2024, 10am Jerusalem time / 5pm Melbourne time Social Oriented Focusing (SOF) opens a space where delicate issues of human relationships can be met when interacting with each other. By being fully present, we can explore the movement in us and between us while simultaneously connecting to ourselves and the other through the felt sense conscious body. SOF is a modality that only exists in relationship with others - birthed in relational space, helping us to stay "home" in ourselves while in the presence of others. Over time, SOF generates the courage to be in relationship while remaining stably anchored inside. I warmly invite you to explore the movement in us and between us, experiencing SOF in an intimate, enabling and safe space. Work Shop description: Imagine being really present in the here-and-now…enjoying interpersonal moments with the freedom to be yourself, to feel good – to experience surprise and delight instead of repetitive, stressful patterns of interaction. Social Oriented Focusing (SOF) teaches us to untie the KNOTS and NOTS that interfere with relating to others, enabling us to overcome blocks, fears, and automatic behaviors. In this workshop, we shall take a two-stage journey: Stage 1: From shades of aloneness to shades of togetherness We will sense how situations affect us and our openness. With tools to identify our position, we will experience the different positions that can take us from shades of aloneness to togetherness. Stage 2: From I to we without losing our boundaries Experimenting in moving from the 'I space' to the 'we space' and beyond without losing our boundaries, we will sense what happens inside us when we move from being in front of each other (me & you) to being together (us/we). There will be a presentation, guided experiences, and time for sharing and questions. All are welcome to attend. Some familiarity with Focusing will be helpful but is not required.

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