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Social Oriented Focusing

   Social Oriented Focusing Courses

In these courses, we will discover how powerful Focusing can be when it is used in the interpersonal-social circle. We will experience new forms of interaction and develop a new sense: A sense for social interaction that will give us the room and the freedom to be ourselves, to feel good in our communication with others and in our relationships.

About Social Oriented Focusing 

Throughout one's life, interaction with others is an engine for growth and development. We are born in and from interaction, and within interaction the self is defined and evolves. In Social Oriented Focusing, we Focus on and in the shared interpersonal space and develop a sense for social interaction.

Benefits of SOF

• Provides tools to deal with life’s situations real-time.

• Heals unfinished social issues in our lives.

• Teaches us how to be in interaction in relationship – completely with ourselves and completely with the other simultaneously.

• Invites us to use conflict for personal and mutual growth.

• Gives us the freedom to be our authentic selves in our closest relationships and in the world​.

• Enables us to learn that our vulnerability is part of our uniqueness and power.

​Courses and Workshops
available in Israel, on zoom,
and in various locations around the world

SOF Courses and Workshops

תמונה לדף הבית -ידים.png

In this course, we learn the intricacies of being, connecting, and communicating in relationship while felt-sensing inwards to myself and outwards to you.

Diving deeper into our personal and collective social wounds, we will use the power of SOF to heal, transform, and be who we can truly be in relationship.

In this 2-part course, SOF meets Erikson's theory of Psychosocial Development enabling us to explore deeply engrained developmental conflicts, build fulfilling relationships, and experience lasting growth on a guided journey of personal and professional discovery.

Monthly Meeting: Continuing the Journey. Connect with fellow SOF graduates, practice and share, adjust SOF tools to meet your needs in your personal and professional life.

Navigate from the heart of the conflict to the heart of the relationship with compassion, and transform your relationships with SOF for our relationship is more important than the conflict.

What Graduates Are Saying About SOF

"I arrived skeptical, the only thing the word "Social" conjured in my mind was the thought that all we're going to do is a group focusing session, I had no idea how powerful and influential it would be and how direct it would be in creating new coding for wiring records. It brought into focus that through work we can change our experience of our place in the world, our point of view, and our ability to form and understand relationships anew."


"Social Oriented Focusing helps me look into things that lie in the deepest of places, subjects that relate to my being here in this world, to my desire to gain recognition, to be loved, to be wanted, to be significant, and the prices I pay for these things that drive me. Questions that relate to belonging, having a place in the world, harmony and disharmony, competitiveness, authenticity, pleasing, loneliness and being part of something much bigger than myself arose and became clearer during these sessions. Conflicts of feelings and actions that I need to find a balance between that is right for me at any given moment. The epiphanies that grow from the personal processes that take place during these sessions let us bring them forth into any space, into any social interaction, where we stay or act, to see what my story is and how I would like to update it in a way that would bring me to act in a more authentic and self-connected way in the world."


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